The Picture-Taking

Most of the time I’ve taken pictures of nature, it has been in Alaska, where the scenery makes taking beautiful photographs not that hard, even for someone who knows nothing about photography. Where I lived in South Carolina, too, was beautiful, near the mountains and full of flowers year-round. I’ve been struggling to find the same kind of beauty in our new home in southeastern Georgia (we moved here from SC about 2 months ago). So, I decided for my album that I would spend some time at a park near my house to try to develop my appreciation for Georgia’s natural landscape. I don’t think I was entirely successful. I suppose I’ll have to find something other than natural beauty to appreciate about Georgia (the 90+ degree weather and crazy humidity didn’t help much). Regardless, I think it was a good exercise for me to take these pictures at this location because it made finding beautiful images really challenging.

When I took my pictures, I used both my camera app on my Google Pixel 2, and another app I downloaded for free called Camera FV5. Camera FV5 let me manually manipulate things like ISO and shutter speed. Most of the pictures I took with Camera FV5 (where I attempted to manually adjust settings) didn’t turn out, but a few did. It also had a “viewfinder overlay” that put the “rule of thirds” grid over the camera, so that helped me set up the shots. Using this app also helped me be more aware of what my Pixel 2’s camera was doing automatically, and why it chose the settings that it did for each image. I’ve had my Pixel 2 for about 6 months, and one of the reasons I chose this phone was because of its powerful camera. I spend most of my days with a cute toddler and so I wanted my phone to be able to capture just as good of images as a camera would, and it definitely does! One thing I really like about the Pixel 2 is that it has a unique feature called “portrait mode.” It uses software to blur the background, creating the illusion of depth that you can get with a DSLR camera. I used this mode for 2 of my pictures (the tree bark and pink flowers).

The Picture Editing

For editing, I tried out another app, Adobe Photoshop Express. I found it very easy to use. Lastly, I used Apple Preview to adjust the size of the images. Please click on “info” in my Google album below for information about my intention for each photo, the editing I did, and how I prepared each image for screen display, web display, or printing. You can also find the camera settings for each photograph under “info” as well.

Google Album