Get Productive: Just in Case

It occurred to me that all of my work on my blog and all of my other productivity tools won’t mean a whole lot if (a) something happens and I lose all of my WordPress posts, or (b) something happens to my computer and I lose all of my other work. Consequently, I think backing up your work on a regular basis is a critical part of productivity!

I had never backed up a blog before, so I started with this website. I liked the idea of automatic backups, so I took a look at the various WordPress plugins available for backing up my site. I found this link that described some of the best free backup options (since I obviously prefer free if possible!) I decided to go with Updraft since it had so many good reviews. I downloaded the plugin in my site’s dashboard, then clicked to activate the plugin. I’m not very WordPress savvy, but I found Updraft pretty easy to use. Under the “settings” option, I was able to link my Updraft backups to my Dropbox account. After authenticating my Dropbox account, I was able to complete a backup and scheduled automatic backups every 2 weeks. I checked and can see all of the zipped WordPress backup files in my Dropbox folder. Pretty easy!

I also wanted to backup my computer, and I decided to do it the old-fashioned way. I have a Mac, so I used an external hard drive and Time Machine to backup all of my files and settings. In the future, I’d like to have backups set to go to the Cloud, but for now, I’m satisfied with Time Machine and Updraft.


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