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I had already applied a theme to my blog and spent some time creating the header and footer “VMW” text/image, so most of the work I did for this assignment consisted of widgets. In the side bar, I added a search bar, a tag cloud, recent comments, and categories. The “categories” section looks a little lonely right now, but I imagine as I take other classes and categorize those posts appropriately, this section will grow.

I also added a new menu item, called ED 654, and created a “child” page that will house all of the collections for this course. This took the longest and I spent quite a while adding pages/posts/menus, trying to figure out how to get it to do what I wanted. After some assistance from our chief nousionaut, I was finally able to organize the posts the way I wanted.

I also added a cutesy quote by Eleanor Roosevelt (“all of life is a constant education”) as the blog tagline.

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