Writing Tips Infographic

I used Piktochart to make the following infographic. I have used Piktochart once before, and find it really easy to use! I highly recommend it for making infographics, posters, reports, etc. Piktochart allows you to download the infographic as an image (for free).

Author creates an infographic that gives the following tips for paper-writing: 1) stay organized, 2) align your intro and conclusion, 3) mind your mechanics, 4) support your claims and be specific, 5) draw your own conclusions.

3 thoughts on “Writing Tips Infographic

  1. Heidi Olson says:

    That likes really nice. Are you able to include hyperlinks in the text? I just thought that if you can, where you have thin Hint to use the writing center you could include a link to their contact information.

    I bet your students will pay more attention to your poster then if you used all text.

  2. Chris Lott says:

    Piktochart is already a favorite in this class again this summer (and for good reason). Tammi Rego used it for one of her Your Choice assignments as well.

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