Mapping Social Sciences

I used MindMeister to create this map. I like the final products that I can create with MindMeister, but I had to restart my browser a few times because MindMeister kept freezing up while I was creating the map.

2 thoughts on “Mapping Social Sciences

  1. Chris Lott says:

    For the sake of the sanity of others: what operating system and browser are you running? I haven’t used MindMeister in some time, but I don’t recall having significant issues with it like you experienced!

    Did you upload the images you used here? Does MindMeister allow for video? Hyperlinks to other sites? Longer text? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. admin says:

    I am using Mac’s latest operating system and Google Chrome.. admittedly, I am on slow and spotty free hotel wi-fi, so that may have something to do with it! To put the image into the blog, I chose the Mind Meister’s “embed” option, and then copied and pasted that into WordPress. (I’m not very experienced with either of those, so I’m hoping it ended up looking ok!)

    For the images in the map, I used MindMeister’s free icons- they have quite a few to choose from, even though they are simple images. You can do longer texts in the different word bubbles, and you have an option to add links, notes, comments, or files to the word bubble, so I imagine you could attach videos!

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