Exploring the ADA

To answer the following questions and explore the ADA in more depth, I chose to create a Prezi, an infographic, and a flow chart.

Go here to see my response to these first two questions:

  • What is the Americans with Disabilities Act and who does it protect?
  • Why are the terms “Title II” and “Section 504” important to this discussion?

Next, I made an infographic to answer this question: what is IDEA and who does it protect? How does it differ from the ADA?

Image of textbooks and school-related items, with the following definition of reasonable accommodations superimposed: "Schools have to be willing to change the way things are usually done to make sure that a student with a disability can participate equally. This might mean changing rules/policies, removing barriers, or providing aids, services, or assistive technology."Lastly, I chose to answer these last three questions in a flow chart. I grouped these questions together because I think understanding reasonable and unreasonable accommodations will be most applicable to my future working life. These are the questions answered in the flow chart:

  • What is a “reasonable accommodation” and what else are those called in the educational setting?
  • What might make an accommodation unreasonable?
  • The big one: how do ADA, IDEA and other legislation in the readings and your exploration so far apply to you in your working (or future working) life (where might or do you find yourself needing to take ADA, IDEA, etc. into account?)

2 thoughts on “Exploring the ADA

  1. Chris Lott says:

    The flowchart approach (and the reasonable vs unreasonable) infographic-like section worked particularly well. Like copyright, the devil is often in the details, but your examples are sound. It might be interesting to add grey section in between the reasonable and unreasonable giving examples of some of the harder to make decisions as they might occur in real life. Where do the decisions become significantly more complicated?

  2. admin says:

    I hadn’t thought of adding a gray section! But it’s true, there are many scenarios in which the line between a reasonable and an unreasonable accommodation may not be clear. I came up with 4 “gray” scenarios, and included them in my “Fire Away” blog post: http://vmw25.net/ed-654/fire-away/

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