What Is It?

Logomakr does just what its name implies: it helps you quickly and easily make logos or other types of simple graphics. I made this tag for Christmas cookie gifts:

Wishing you a sweet Christmas, from Valerie's kitchen

This is another example of a logo created by Logomakr (this is the example from the website itself):

Leaf with a green leaf

How Does it Work?

Logomakr has a very simple interface. You can search for clip art (“logos”) by keyword, or by Logomakr’s pre-set categories (decorative, abstract, nature, etc.). This is the canvas you work on:

Screenshot of Logomakr canvas

Very simple! When you are done, you click on the “save” icon in the top right to download your file as a PNG. For high-resolution, you have to pay $19 to upgrade. The low-resolution isn’t great (especially after seeing your logo crisp and clear on your screen as you’re working on it), but it’s probably good enough for educational use.

Strengths, Applications, and Limitations

I loved how easy it was to use – it’s clearly targeted towards people who don’t have a design background. For example, all the fonts are categorized by their “feel,” which could be very helpful for someone who doesn’t have an instinct for what messages different fonts convey.

Screenshot of Logomakr's font categories
Font categories in Logomakr

Everything seemed to be designed for expediency, too, which I appreciate. For example, rather than having to change the font by typing in the size, you can just drag the text box to resize it. In my case, the project creation was still not that quick at all because I went down too many rabbit holes looking at different colors, pictures of cookies, etc. The only technical glitch I encountered was when I went to select the perfect little clip art, and for some reason, Logomakr wouldn’t transfer it into my project. Everything else seemed to work just as intended.

Unlike a lot of these web-based tools, you don’t create a Logomakr account. On one hand, this is nice because it’s one less username/password to manage, but on the other hand, this means there’s no way to save your progress. This may actually not be that big of an issue because you aren’t going to use Logomakr to create complicated designs. In other words, if you lost your project, it probably wouldn’t take you that long to quickly rebuild it. The “thinking up the logo” takes a lot longer than actually building it.

Logomakr has a variety of educational applications:

  • Teachers could use Logomakr to create badges for their courses. (Logomakr has a specific section of clip art called “badges”). Students could earn badges for accomplishing certain tasks or achieving certain levels of mastery. (Or, along the same lines, instructional designers could use badges to indicate the same kinds of things).
  • Students could use Logomakr to complete assignments that require them to represent information visually. In a marketing class, for example, students could use it to create a logo for a business proposal scenario.
  • Teachers could use Logomakr to design a banner or “course” logo or buttons, in order to add visual interest and aesthetic appeal to an online course.

For more examples of how Logomakr can be used, you can go to Logomakr’s website and watch the video that pops up the first time you visit the site.

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