About this site: As a current M.Ed. student at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, this website is designed to house my academic and professional projects as part of my participation in the Online Innovation and Design Program.

About the author: Originally from Illinois, I completed my B.A. in International Studies and Music from Bradley University. After working for a year for the Illinois State Legislature as a research assistant, I moved to Fairbanks, Alaska. I lived in Fairbanks for about 10 months before I moved back to Illinois to attend graduate school at the University of Chicago. I received my M.A. in International Relations in 2012, and then taught American Government and Comparative Politics in Georgia for a year, before moving to Anchorage, Alaska. In Anchorage, I taught American Government, Introduction to Political Science, and Civic Engagement at the University of Alaska. During this time, I also worked remotely for two different companies developing online educational materials. I became more and more interested in instructional design and educational technologies, and so I began UAF’s M.Ed. in Online Innovation and Design in January 2016. I will graduate in May 2019.

I am currently living in Georgia, and have been working at Clemson University as an instructional designer since October 2016.

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